Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take a walk down memory lane..

Today I was going through my stuff. Since I'm going to be moving withtin the next few months, I decided I should get a head start on going through everything I own, getting rid of what I don't need and all that fun stuff! In the process, I found some boxes I had shoved in the back of my closet. I opened one and started down memory lane! My college years were some crazy times! Good and bad. Some of my absolute favorite memories are from Sophomore year. At the end of my freshman year I started hanging out with this crazy girl, Anna. We decided to be roommates the next year... even though we hardly knew eachother. Let me tell you, BEST DECISION EVER!!! Anna and I spent every second we could together Sophomore year. Our other 2 roommates were... interesting! Anna and I used to lock them our of our room so that we could listen to our favorite song over and over!! We used to read the crazy stories in magazines to eachother as bedtime stories! We made a little cave under my bed for our conversations that no one else could hear! We were crazy! One of the things I found in the box in my closet was a crumpled up piece of paper that had some of these lyrics on it that Anna had written to me. Oh how I miss my dear friend Anna!!
It's been forever since I've heard this song.. But Anna it still always reminds me of you :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is definitely NOT in the air..

Don't you just love Spring?! Well... probably not so much if you're living in Northern WI right now. Yesterday they were telling us we would be getting a huge snow storm. I was pretty excited when it only snowed about an inch instead of the 16" they said we were supposed to get. Last night we had quite the storm. It was snowing and blowing and lightning like crazy!! It was something else!! So I went to bed... and then I woke up to this...
Here is looking out my front window.

Out the back door.

Right up against the back door.

This is definitely not what I like to think of when I think of Spring. The worst part is, just last week we were in the 50's. We got quite the tease with that weather!
Today is a snow day from work! Looks like a good day to sit inside with a nice cup of coffee and work on some wedding stuff!! Where to begin....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patties Day!

St. Patties Day has never really been a big day of celebration for me. Today I'm heading to town with my bestest friend everrrrr!! Maybe we'll get a Shamrock shake from McDonalds :) This, however, will probably be the best St. Patties day yet! On my first post I wrote a list of all the things I love... random road trips with Stepahnie was one of them!! Usually our road trips take us to Michigan to visit my sister, but since she has moved, our roads trips usually lead us all the way to the great city of Green Bay! I can't wait for the journey to begin!

I just bought my airline ticket for the great state of South Carolina! In about a month I'll be heading there to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my amazing little man, Lincoln! I am SOO excited! I get to spend a week with them in warm weather.. what more can you ask for?!

Who wouldn't be excited to go see this happy little man?!

Oh!! I almost forgot!! A little update on our house in IN. I was talking to my Fiance last night and he informed me that he bought all of our appliances!! How exciting! I wasn't expecting to have all  BRAND NEW appliances! He sure is spoiling me ;)
Here's a picture of my favorite appliance! haha!!
            Isn't it beautiful?! We also got a microwave, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer!! I can't wait to just go live there already!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bridal Shower!!

My mom has been getting ready for my upcoming shower! Actually, I'm not really looking forward to the shower. I'm not a person who likes to open presents. Even on my birthday it's hard for me to sit down in front of people and open presents. I have always been thankful that my mom and I have the same birthday because then I am not the only one opening gifts! But a bridal shower?! Oh boy.. I have to sit in front of people, besides my family, and open presents and "ooo" and "ahh" over... silverwear, dish towels, can openers?!
Although I am very thankful to be having a shower! I sure wouldn't want to go out and buy all that on my own :)

Incase you can't tell... I like bright colors! These are just a few things for the shower.
the brighter
the better
the happier

Oh, don't forget the rainbow jello! Now that I am excited about :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The beginning...

I've always thought blogging would be fun. Never did I think I would make the time for such things! I decided I should give this blogging world a try! What can it hurt?! First of all, I should probably tell a little about myself. (Not that there will even be people reading this or that the people who do won't know me! But here it goes...)

Instead of writing about myself, here is a list of the things that make me me! The things that I love most in life...

1. My soon to be husband... Everett Sawslayer Callan
2. My family
3. My friends... STEPHANIE!!
4. Traveling
5. Basketball
6. Books by Kristin Hannah
7. Pasta
8. Sleeping in
10. Camping
11. Boating
12. Driving with the windows down and the music up
13. Coffee
14. Mt. Dew
15. Texting
16. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
17. Random road trips with Stephanie
18. Working out
19. Cake Boss
20. Hot tubbing
21. Inside jokes
22. Rodeos
23. Fresh fruit smoothies
24. Shopping
25. Facebooking
26. Skyping with my nephew Lincoln
27. Sushi
28. Parasailing
29. Mackinac Island
30. Family vacations
31. Juice

Alright, that's all for now! I was just thinking about it... I have never posted my engagement story and at first I know so many people were asking me to. I just never got around to it. Maybe because I didn't have any place to post it really! Now that I have this blog.. I think it's time for the story :)

This past Christmas day was unlike any other. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew were all here. It was great being with family. Later that day we went down to my grandma's in Green Bay and for the first time ever had ALL the family together
I had so much fun that Christmas night... but all I could think about was flying out bright and early the next morning to spend a week with my Fiance! That night I spent the night alone in a hotel in Green Bay. I was too excited to care that I had to spend Christmas night alone! The next morning I woke up about two hours before I needed to be up! The excitment was killing me!! My aunt and uncle were so kind in driving me to the airport and seeing me off! I got on my flight and everything was great! I was on my way! I should probably mention that I was hoping for an engagment this weekend but my parents sure had me convinced otherwise. So I arrive in Cleveland earlier than scheduled. I thought that was great! Everything was going to be so perfect and I'd get to Indy earlier than expected! At that time, there were HUGE snow storms out East and it was messing everything up. My flight was delayed about 15 min. "Ok that's not too bad" I thought. At least it wasn't cancelled like several other ones! That 15 minutes slowly but surely turned into 2 hours. FINALLY!!! I was able to get on my flight! It was the smallest plane I have ever seen!! I sat in the back row on this bench seat... pretty uncomfortable but I didn't care!! We had to sit on the plane for about 20min. til we started moving. When we did start moving we only went a little ways to the de-icing station. We spent a whole hour there! (Not to mention the plane was FREEZING and I couldn't stop shaking the whole time!) When we were finished with that we then took off! I stuck my headphones in and closed my eyes. It had already been a long day and I had been up since 4am. About 20min after takeoff I hear some rustling around and people talking. I take out my headphones and the captain is talking but I couldn't make out what he was saying. I asked the lady two seats away from me what was going on. She said, "A caution light has come on and we are turning around and landing." That was the worst possible news I could have received at that point! So we made our way back to Cleveland and landed. Once we got off the plane we were unsure as to what would happen next. We all just sat around while some people got very angry and were yelling at the desk people.. which was pointless because it wasn't like they could do anything about the dumb caution light that came on. They sent our plane to maintenance to see if it was something that could easily be fixed. Well.. it wasn't. They told us at one point we would probably be put in hotels for the night with a very early morning flight. At that point I didn't really care. I was SO tired. We sat in the airport for about an hour before they told us they had another plane and they were loading all of our stuff onto that plane. Great!! But wait... shortly after that they said.. "It seems this plane will not work either. Right after loading all the stuff and bringing it to the boarding station, a caution light has come on on this plane as well." At this point I was wondering if I would EVER get to Indy. My phone was dying, Everett was upset, I was tired and I hadn't eaten anything yet that day and it was about 4pm by this time. Sometime later we received news that there was a plane on it's way from Indy that would be heading somewhere else next but they cancelled that flight and had us get on that plane to go back to Indy. Sorry to those people who had their flight cancelled but thank you!! :) It took about an hour for that flight to get to Cleveland and as soon as did it, we boarded and were in the air! We FINALLY made it to Indy. It was well after 6 by the time we landed. Everett had been sitting in the Indy airport for about 4 hours waiting for me! Poor guy! What I didn't know was the whole time he was sitting there he was getting more upset because in his mind he should have already been engaged at that point but the stupid flights put everything off! So we head to baggage claim, gather my stuff and head to the car. In the car I'm just telling Everett how exhausted I am and just can't wait to go home and go to bed! But he had other plans. Everett took me to this park that overlooked Indianapolis. It was really neat because you could see all the lights and the christmas lights as well!! It was freezing cold out and I was just like ok Everett this is cool but I'm tired and I'm cold.. can we go now?! I was still in the mentaility of "Ahh I finally made it.. I'm so happy to just be here" that I wasn't even thinking "this is it!" So I had my back towards Everett for a bit just looking at the city and he comes up behind me and puts his arms around me and he's holding the opened ring box in his hand! I look down and I just can't believe it! I whip around to face him and he gets on his knee and says "Brooke VanLaanen.. I love you! Will you marry me?!" I couldn't do anything but laugh! It was a happy laugh of course!! Then I just grabbed him and hugged him for a long time just laughing!! Finally he pulled away and said.. "Is that a yes? Can I put it on you?!" So I said "YES!" ...about a million times!! After that we headed back to the car and opened Christmas presents from eachother and then ventured back out to the spot to take some pictures.

After that, Everett had this Sushi restaurant in mind that he really wanted to take me to! We both love Sushi so I was very excited about this! We got there and realized the place was no longer open. It was completely shut down! Sad day! There was another Sushi restaurant in town that Everett and I had been to before and I loved it so he took me there! We ate and talked and laughed and just had an amazing time together! After eating he told me what his real plans had been. He said "I bought tickets for the show 'A Christmas Carol'. We were going to go there first but your plane was too late so we missed it. I also wanted to take you to the park in the daylight because it was really pretty being able to see the city. Then I wanted to take you to the Sushi restaurant but it was closed. Nothing worked out." I felt kind of bad but also realized that everything about that night and how it had turned out had been just perfect!! The city at night with the lights was amazing, the restaurant we went to is probably one of my favorites and the fact that I was now engaged!! Could it get any better?! We decided then to go watch a movie. We weren't sure what type of movie mood we were in. All I knew was that I would never be able to sit through a movie where I had to fully concentrate to follow the movie!! We decided on the cartoon movie 'Tangled'. SOOO cute!! I LOVED that movie! I would definitely watch it again :) It was a great movie for right after being engaged :) After that we headed back to Everett's house and showed the ring off to his parents! That week was one of the best weeks ever! We had a great time and spent New Years at his family friends house and it was all just perfect! Right now I am in the midst of planning for the wedding! We are getting married June 18th 2011 and I couldn't be more excited! Also, while I'm wedding planning, Everett is busy working on the house we just bought! I am SO excited about that! We just purchased  a nice 4 bedroom 2 bath house in the country! I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to get down there and make it our own :)
Well.. That's our story. Now you have it!