Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where has the time gone?!

        I know it has been so long since my last post. I really don't like to do that, but my life has been crazy these last few months! We finally got a computer and now that we get high speed internet (from our neighbors... shh!!) it should make blogging a bit easier!

What has been going on in my life... well most of you know the most exciting news..
I married my best friend! Best day of my life for sure! Everything was seeming to be a bit crazy. There was a lot going on the few days leading up to the wedding. Rehearsal was quite hectic. Needless to say I was slightly nervous for how the wedding would play out. It was the most beautiful day I could have asked for! Everything was great!
Everett and me seeing eachother for the 1st time!
We had such an awesome wedding party and it made for such a great time taking pictures!

We had too much fun driving these around!
Our favorite picture :)
You've gotta have the jumping picture!
Everett had to help me out of the woods.
poor Lincoln and El struggled during pictures!
But they did a fantastic job during the ceremony!!
and we were married :)
So those are just a few of my favorites from the wedding! After the wedding, we heading off to Colorado for a fantastic honeymoon! We got to do some pretty cool stuff on our honeymoon! We got a VIP tour of Hammond's candy shop which was just amazing! We had so much fun! We got to go to this awesome restaurant where we had some unique foods. Camping was a highlight of our honeymoon. We camped for 2 nights way back in the mountains and just had a great time! Everett and I have traveled together quite a bit but this was definitely the best vacation yet :)
Now we're back in Muncie, getting all settled in. We're both working... I'm loving my new job at the Optometrist's office... Everett's job is just.. stressful and crazy :(
My family was able to come visit for a few days! I was so glad they could come see where we're at! I miss everyone from back home soooo much! I just want them all to move down here :)
Life here is always on the go! We've been to the fireworks, county fair which includes truck/tractor pull and rodeo, class reunions, movie nights with friends, sushi dates and tonight is girls night! I'm very much looking forward to that!
Everett and I just recently celebrated our 1 month anniversary. Which seems crazy... where has the time gone?! We're quickly approaching our 2 month! I don't understand how our 2 month is coming so fast! It's been an amazing adventure and I am so looking forward to what our future holds :)