Saturday, December 22, 2012

My little obsession...

Ok, I'll admit it... I have a bit of an obsession with scarves (and blankets, but that's another story). I absolutely LOVE them! I look at them just about every time I'm out shopping! There are so many to choose from... colors, patterns, styles, casual, dressy, sporty... JUST SO MANY DIFFERENT SCARVES!!
The other day while I was walking around Wal-Mart, picking up a few odds and ends we needed, I found myself wandering over to the crafting/sewing section. I have never picked up knitting needles or crochet hooks in my life. As I found myself looking at them, I became very interested in making my own scarf! I grabbed some yarn and crochet hooks and headed out. I never saw myself crocheting.. ever. I don't think anyone ever did. My mother's response when she found out I was making a scarf was, "Who are you?!" and "You are something. Where did you learn to do that?!"
That night I watched a video on YouTube on how to crochet. After a few hours the next day, and about two more hours the day after, I finished my very first scarf! I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of myself! I didn't expect my first one to actually look like a scarf!

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